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What Should I Look Like as a Professional

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Physical education teacher education prepares candidates to be active professionals who can teach P-12 Physical Education in the schools. Expectations of graduates include the ability to:

  1. Articulate and apply concepts from motor learning, motor development, kinesiology, exercise physiology, and the psycho-social aspects of activity.
  2. Plan and implement developmentally appropriate activities employing a variety of instructional strategies.
  3. Assess student performance in the psychomotor, fitness, cognitive and affective domains.
  4. Use technology and interpersonal communication skills to enhance learning in physical activity settings.
  5. Create inclusive, challenging learning environments that are sensitive to learner diversity and levels of development in the psychomotor, fitness, affective, and cognitive domains.
  6. Collaborate with professional colleagues, administrators, parents and community members.
  7. Reflect on instruction to enhance or maintain quality physical education.

PETE Unit Dispositions Rubric

Teacher Education Unit Dispositions Rubric

Teacher Education Unit Dispositions Evaluation