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Several faculty members of the ESU Chemistry and Biochemistry Department engage in undergraduate research projects that often result in papers or presentations at science conferences.

Professor Conrad Bergo conducts research on methods for siding reaction kinetics using a laser. He studies solvolysis reactions which show a change in the index of refraction as they progress.

Presentations by undergraduates:

  • Mark Consugar, "Determination of the Mechanism of Hydrogen Peroxide Bond Cleavage in Biological Systems," Middle Atlantic Regional Meeting of the American Chemical Society, Villanova University, May, 1996.
  • Timothy Smith and Wesley Christensen, "Kinetics Experiments with a He-Ne Laser in the Physical Chemistry Laboratory," American Chemical Society National Meeting, Washington, D.C., August, 1994.
  • Timothy Smith, "Methods of Laser Detection in Kinetics Measurement," ESU Sigma Xi Research Forum, April, 1993

Professor Richard Kelly actively engages students in carbon fiber research and strongly encourages students to present their results at local, regional, and national professional conferences.

Presentations by undergraduates:

Professor Alan Shaffer has been involved in undergraduate research at the United States Miliatary Academy (West Point) prior to coming to East Stroudsburg University.

His area of research conducted with senior cadets at West Point involved the synthesis and characterization of phosphazene-based compounds as candidate materials for electrorheological fluids.

Electrorheological fluids are one class of so-called "smart" materials that change flow behavior/viscosity suddenly upon application of a new or changed electric field.

Potential application areas, both civilian and military, are very broad and include vibrational /shock absorption mechanisms and braking systems, among others.

Cadet research was presented at the American Chemical Society/Student Affiliate poster session, SUNY-New Paltz, May 1999.