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The Sustainability Commission at East Stroudsburg University fully supports our student body in their goal to find and participate in jobs and internships that will help them to advance in their chosen field. Our focus here is to help identify sources for meaningful opportunities that will anchor your professional development, in a sustainable way.

We will update this page on a regular basis, to add to our list of internships and jobs that are tied to the field of sustainability. In addition to the resources and links on this page, there are internship pathways already established at ESU, that are available for your use.

East Stroudsburg University of Pennsylvania's Web-based Internship Network (WIN) was developed for businesses, students, and faculty members, to facilitate the process of offering, finding and managing internships.

  • Students can search for internships and submit their information to employers
  • Faculty/Advisors can monitor ongoing internships within their academic department

This web-tool will facilitate your internship experience at ESU

Click here to access ESU's Web-based Internship Network (WIN)

Building your resume out of thin-line facts – by Scott Bradley
The thing that always makes us crazy when looking for an internship or new position is when we are asked to provide a resume that proves that we can do that assignment. Go figure… That may work for you in years to come, but not yet. At this stage, however, you still have several things to show, even if you don’t think so. They are: work experience; academic experience; club and organizational participation/leadership; sports and cultural endeavors, past internships and volunteer work.

When you are asked to provide a resume, you need to consider what the person on the other end is looking for, and then you need to lay out your information so that you meet their needs. This is, and always should be, a three-part process.

  1. Do your homework: Find out as much as you can about the organization you are approaching and the people who you think will be doing the hiring. The more you know about them, the more you will be able to reach them with your information. This helps with the interview too.
  2. Develop your resume to demonstrate two things:
    • your willingness to work, that is ‘how you stepped up’… this is important both for jobs and internships
    • what you accomplished, and because of that what you have learned in these assignments
  3. Show your commitment to this position with a strong cover letter that:
    • States your academic status as defined academic and professional goals
    • Clearly shows you know who or what they are organizationally
    • Paints a picture filled with enthusiasm and commitment to the task, and to your future

Don’t skip the details. Read the entire program package and provide what has been asked for… if you don’t, don’t expect to be called.

Everything in your package needs to be fact, not fiction based. Your cover letter and resume will get you to the selection phase, but the facts will be checked for all of those candidates on the final applicants list. Both the cover letter and the resume need to be tailored for each new application. Don’t go with a stock resume or a soft letter…if the assignment is worth getting, building a detailed package is worth the effort.

And last, but not least… don’t be embarrassed by past assignments. If you worked at McDonalds tell them, and tell them what you got out of it. Here is what I mean: “Team Process: Worked at McDonalds Restaurants as a Grill-man responsible for meeting customer/team needs through prompt, quality performance in support of the shift. Learned the importance of customer service and team participation in this assignment.”

Ok, time to get online and do your research…. And good luck!


Summer 2014 Internship Opportunities

  • Grand Canyon National Park (3 opportunities)
    • Archeology -- Intern duties include completing archeological surveys, compliance monitoring, and running preservation activities in the park. More information and how to apply.
    • Vegetation -- Intern duties include exotic plant management, native habitat restoration, site landscaping, seed collection, pruning, monitoring, surveying, etc. More info and how to apply.
    • Wildlife -- The intern will assist in several studies conducted by the park. More information and how to apply.
  • Coastal Sustainability Studio (several opportunities)
    • The Studio is seeking motivated students for paid summer internships. Graduate students and college seniors from fields including landscape architecture, engineering, architecture, coastal science, graphic design, interior design, animation, film, cartography, urban studies, planning, geography, communications, environmental studies, public policy, public administration, and related disciplines are encouraged to apply. To apply, submit a cover letter, resume, and work samples (10 pages max) to Laura Larkin. DEADLINE: March 24; NOTIFICATION: April 2; INTERNSHIP DATES: June 2-August 1.

Other Internship Opportunities Around the Country

Internships and Opportunities at The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA): ecoAmbassadors engage EPA with communities across the country

Communities are the place where individuals join together in powerful ways to make change. Across the U.S. many communities are embarking on projects to help residents become part of an environmentally conscious future. Because we want to empower you and help you make your community healthier and safer, we have launched the ecoAmbassadors program. Through this program, EPA will work with a variety of different community spaces across the country. Through the ecoAmbassadors program EPA will provide training and guidance that can be taken back to the community and put into practice. Click here for more information.

  • Student Diversity Internship Program: Environmental Justice (EJ) ecoAmbassadors: The Environmental Justice (EJ) ecoAmbassador Program, in partnership with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) Student Diversity Internship Program (SDIP) is providing student internship opportunities focusing on environmental justice.  Click here.
  • The Tribal ecoAmbassadors Program: EPA’s Tribal ecoAmbassadors Program partners Tribal College and University (TCU) professors with EPA scientists to solve the environmental problems most important to their tribal communities. Click here.
  • The OnCampus ecoAmbassadors Program: Working with school representatives and fellow students, OnCampus ecoAmbassadors implement projects from EPA programs to help green their campuses, promote environmental awareness and carry out the EPA's mission to protect human health and the environment. Click here.
Looking for 2014 internships in PA? can help you find internships, across the country, that are right for you. There are a wide variety of internships to choose from, so you should begin your search by browsing what is available and thinking about what internships would be the best fit.

Global Vision International
Global Vision International (GVI) is multi-award winning social enterprise that runs conservation and community development programs around the world. A key component of the success of these projects comes from the participants who join our programs. GVI provides opportunities for high impact volunteering and internships for those looking for career development opportunities.

The ESU Sustainability Commission believes that there are internship and work opportunities in many industries and at many locations around Pennsylvania and throughout the United States available for your development. The information and links you find on our website are active when placed, but may change. Though we do not endorse these sites we do believe that they offer access to some great opportunities and may help you to identify resources that will support your professional development in the field of sustainability.