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Carbon Footprint Committee

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The long range goal of the Carbon Footprint Committee is to reduce the amount of greenhouse gases being emitted on campus and by University-related activities (e.g. commuting to and from work).

The committee is currently compiling an inventory of greenhouse gas emissions to determine carbon foot-print of the campus.

ESU practices sustainable building operations and maintenance activities that reduce Greenhouse gas emissions. Some of the sustainable practices on campus include:

Installation of Motion sensors in Classrooms and offices

LED lighting locations

Installation of EMS system in all major buildings

Measurement of energy metering of electricity in most major campus buildings and stem in the Science and Tech building

Composts and mulches waste from grounds keeping and grass clippings and uses them as amendments in planting beds.

Implemented technologies and strategies to reduce the environmental impact of snow and ice removal by using less chemicals and more anti skid and sand

Uses native plant species from local sources in landscaping and are implementing ran gardens using these native species.

The grounds are maintained in accordance with an integrated pest management (IPM) plan.

Renewable Energy credits purchased in 2010-2011 5591 or 5.2% of usage