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The eCard is the official identification card for students and employees.

It also allows access to certain facilities and serves as the patron's library card.

With your eCard, you don't pay interest, monthly service charges, or annual finance charges.

There are no fees for opening or maintaining your account regardless of how long you have it.

Your eCard account is activated simply by filling out an application, mail it or bring it to the Campus Card Office and deposit at least $5.00 into your account.

You can then draw on these funds by presenting your eCard at participating locations on campus.

You can deposit additional money into your account at any time during the year; the Campus Card Office accepts deposits during regular business hours, using cash, check or credit card.

For students living on campus, temporary replacement ID cards may be obtained after hours and on weekend from your Resident Advisor (RA)

Permanent replacement cards are only issued from the Campus Card Center.