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Planning a Campus Event:

Are you looking to hold an event or meeting on East Stroudsburg University’s campus and aren’t sure how to go about making all the arrangements? Then you’ve come to the right place.

The list below provides the basic information needed to start planning any event.

  1. Name of Event
  2. Purpose of Event
  3. Best Date(s) of event
  4. Start time and end time of event
  5. Location
  6. Type (ex: student group meeting, conference, performance, etc)
  7. How many are expected to attend?
  8. Is it open to the public?
  9. Estimated cost/budget
  10. Do you want to advertise for this event?

Other important factors to consider are

  • Does this location require a set up (Lower Dansbury, Keystone, Innovation Center, etc)
  • Will there be catering?
  • Do we need any specific AV equipment?
  • How do we intend to let people know about the event?
  • If our first location/date choice is not available, what are backups?

Event Spaces
There are many spaces available on the ESU campus to hold events – classrooms, multipurpose spaces and conference rooms to name a few. Please be aware - not all spaces are reserved by the Office of Conference Services. Many spaces are reserved by different departments/campus personnel around ESU.

 If you are still unsure about which location would best suit your event or do not see it listed – please feel free to call (570-422-3061) or email (