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External Clients

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A group or an organization may rent facilities during summer months at ESU to hold a variety of events such as camps, conferences and single day meetings/events. These programs can be in any area such as academic, sport, business, religious and musical. We accommodate many diverse groups in a safe and fun environment.

East Stroudsburg University offers very competitive rates while striving to meet the specific needs each and every client. It is important for you to communicate your needs to us in order for us to provide quality service.

All groups must follow guidelines and policies set forth by the Office of Conference Services which are governed by the Facilities and Service Agreement signed by all parties involved.

We instead, adjust our costs for using the residence halls and meals to meet the needs of the Office of Conference Services.


  • In calculating our charges for any group, ESU has a strict policy to adhere to a fee structure that is revisited on an annual basis. All fees are recommended by the Conference Services Manager and approved by ESU's President's Council. Total package quotes can be obtained by contacting the Office Conferences Services at (570) 422–3061 or submitting a request for proposal. 


  • Upon signing a contract, a group agrees to pay the university a non–refundable sum of $500.00 to confirm the reservation. This deposit is required on return of a signed contract. The deposit amount will be subtracted from the invoice total that is sent to the group after the event.


  • Any external or non–ESU affiliated group (those excluded are institutionally controlled East Stroudsburg University) must purchase sufficient insurance coverage. Insurance coverage is required one–month prior to the start of the even

Audio–Visual Equipment

  • Audio–visual equipment are available to any event at no extra charge. Audio–visual equipment must be arranged prior to any event with the Conference Services Manager. External groups must have audiovisual equipment requests in writing (including use) and if approved, is then written into the agreement with that party.

Miscellaneous Information

  • Linens are provided (at no charge) if a camp/conference desires. If linens are not in room upon housekeeping clean up, that summer camp/conference will be charged for those items.
  • Blankets, towels, and toilet articles are not provided.
  • Rooms are provided as double occupancy. However, the University Apartments contain 3 room suites, therefore are appropriately assigned.
  • There is no Air Conditioning in the Residence Halls. The University Apartments has Air Conditioning; there is an extra charge to use this facility.
  • Cable TV service is provided in the Residence Hall lounge. We strongly discourage group attendees from bringing TV's and other valuables to campus.
  • Parking is provided adjacent to the Residence halls. Parking in not permitted in faculty/staff and resident directors spaces.
  • The ESU Health Center is not available during the summer months; however; the Pocono Hospital emergency room is located immediately adjacent to the campus.
  • Use of recreation facilities is subject to availability. The pool is in Koehler Field house, may be utilized only if assigned prior to the camp/conference for a specific time.
  • Group chaperones for supervision is 1 staff member per 12 campers.
  • The use of alcohol is prohibited.
  • User agrees to abide by smoking policy as outlined by University policy.
  • The University reserves the right to eject any objectionable person or persons from University premises at all times, including periods when services or facilities are being provided to the User pursuant to this contract.