What is a sentence filler?

A sentence filler are interjectory words or phrases used in sentences to take up space. A sentence filler is unnecessary because it adds baggage to clear, simple sentences.

  • Tip – Academic writing should have little to no sentence filler constructions. “There are…that” and “it is…that” are the most common offenders and can almost always be eliminated.
  • Example: There were ten students in Dr. Eckard’s class.
  • Revision: Ten students were in Dr. Eckard’s class.

What is considered wordiness?

Wordy sentences often result from difficulty clarifying ideas or writing in excess to reach length requirements. Identifying writing patterns like sentence fillers, taking editing breaks, and being mindful of word slip-ups can reduce wordiness.

  • Tip – Simple sentences are comprehended easier than long, drawn-out sentences. Identify the subject and verb in the sentence, then build off of them!
  • Example: Wordy: Because the fluid, which was brown and poisonous, was dumped into the river, the company that was negligent had to shut down.
  • Revision: Because the brown, poisonous fluid was dumped into the river, the negligent company had to shut down.

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