In 1974, East Stroudsburg University Project Upward Bound (ESU UB) was formed to advance the ideal of equal opportunity in post-secondary education.

As such, ESU UB believes that students from all segments of the population should have an opportunity to achieve academic excellence in the high school and university levels.

The mission of ESU UB is to promote intellectual curiosity and academic excellence, to acquire the ability to engage, make prudent choices, and develop the technical skills necessary to succeed at the high school and university levels.

The ESU UB community values the ethics of intellectual engagement, integrity, compassion and service.

Students will be responsible for their learning, observing and making relevant choices in the context of a community of learners in which parental support plays an essential role.

In order to achieve these goals, the ESU UB community provides academic instruction in subject areas supportive of the high school curriculum, group counseling, cultural programs and career guidance.

Students will be exposed to people, places, and events that will deepen their dreams and broaden their life vision.

Students will learn how to identify, establish and achieve goals gleaned from his/her journey.

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For more information about Upward Bound, please call the office at (570) 422-3358

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285 Normal Street
(570) 422-3477
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Title of Department Leader
Director Upward Bound
Professor Janine Hyde-Broderick