About the Program

A bachelor’s degree in Theatre will prepare students for a variety of careers within the entertainment industry and beyond. The Theatre program’s combined performance, design and technical curriculum develops a breadth of knowledge and practical skills necessary to enter the profession or graduate school. 

Students receive training in all aspects of theatre. As they discover and develop their unique talents, students will work closely with faculty advisers to develop their strengths as an actor, designer, director, stage manager or theatre technician.

Theatre is also a business, and all of our students are introduced to the unique entrepreneurial aspects of creative enterprises. These skills can also be applied to many dynamic careers such as television and film, teaching, management, advertising, law, journalism and politics.

The ESU Theatre Department offers the following programs:

  • B.A. Theatre - Acting for Theatre, Television and Film
  • B.A. Theatre - Musical Theatre
  • B.A. Theatre - Design/Technical Theatre
  • B.A. Theatre - Directing Minor in Theatre
  • Minor in Theatre

After appropriate preparation through classes and entry-level experiences, students are invited to take on leadership positions in ESU theatre productions that bolster their resumes and often lead to internships, employment and graduate school opportunities.

Students who successfully complete a BA in Theatre, will be able to:

  • Demonstrate knowledge of theatre in verbal, visual and written formats.
  • Acquire and apply innovative skills and techniques in creating performance, design and technology.
  • Adhere to the ethical standards and principles of professional theatre in a diverse working environment.
  • Engage in entrepreneurial practices in preparation for a professional career in the entertainment industry.
  • Prepare for entry-level jobs, graduate school and/or advanced training.
  • Practice theatre proficiencies and transferrable skills, including: leadership, collaboration, communication, and time management through the production process.

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