ESU Theatre Department is committed to developing the future arts leaders. In keeping with our mission to examine the intersection of theory and practice, we encourage our students to gain valuable practical experience by interning at theaters across the country.

Theatre internships can be pursued in the areas of general production, stage management, theatre management, development, literary management, costume design, scenic design, lighting design, sound design, props, electrics, scenic art, artistic direction, company management, casting, marketing, producing, and general management.

Students who are interested in an internship should contact their advisers and Internship Coordinator: Prof. Christopher Domanski (

Academic Credit

ESU Department of Theatre allows majors to receive independent study credit for an internship. Internships can occur at any point in the year. The number of credits is determined by the number of hours of the internship and any additional factors the faculty adviser feels are relevant.

How to Seek an Internship

Students are responsible for researching available internship opportunities. Students must provide detailed information about the internship, the institution, and contact information for the person who will be in charge of the internship. Most theaters have their own application process and deadlines for internships that must be followed by students. We recommend beginning the research process at least a full semester before the proposed internship period.

Any student seeking an internship must have a faculty adviser for the internship. The internship adviser will speak with the host institution and help determine the legitimacy of the internship, the activities in which the student will participate, the guidelines for expected behavior, and the support that the student will receive. The adviser will help the student complete a department internship contract that includes details about the internship that will be signed by the host institution, the student, and the faculty adviser. The faculty adviser will assign a written component to the internship that the student must submit at the completion of the internship.

Past Internships

In the past, ESU Theatre majors have held internships with a number of prestigious theatre companies such as below.

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Students who are interested in an internship should contact their advisers and Internship Coordinator: Prof. Christopher Domanski (

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