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Multicultural Programs

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The Office of Multicultural Affairs co-sponsors many campus-wide cultural and social programs, conducts workshops, assists in the diversity training of resident advisors and orientation leaders.

The office also encourages students to participate in a variety of leadership roles on campus and to be involved in multicultural activities.

New Initiatives

Honest Conversations

This is a new and exciting program undertaken by the OMA and the Resident Life Diversity Committee. The purpose of honest conversations is to create an open setting for students, faculty/staff to voice opinions on important issues affecting members of our institution here at ESU.

Multicultural Organizations Advisory Board

This initiative was formed to serve the purpose of assisting organizations under the multicultural banner in being more efficient with the use and allocation of resources to make each organization better.

Warrior Mentoring Program

Warrior Mentoring will assist in providing new incoming students with peer resources that will help guide them through their college experience. The purpose of Warrior Mentoring is to promote academic, social, and emotional success in a nurturing and caring environment to support personal growth of our students.

Program Requirments will include Weekly face-to-face meetings between the Mentor & your Freshmen Protégées for the fall 2017 semester.Agreement on three (3) goals as contract items. Monthly attendance at group mentoring activities.

Completion of all program trainings & evaluations. Please Note: Trainings and planning meetings may take place during the weekend and evening hours! Must be available to begin duties the week of August 21-25, 2017

If you are interested in becoming a mentor for this program, please fill out and submit the application by June 30, 2017.

Multicultural Welcome Reception

Early in the fall semester, the Office hosts a welcome reception to formally welcome multicultural students to the campus.

This reception serves to help students meet faculty, staff and other multicultural students at ESU.

It is a forum where they can meet and socialize with other members of the ESU multicultural community.

The office is aware that building bridges and bonds is a key element in retaining students and the welcome reception is one tool the Office of Multicultural Affairs uses to achieve this.

MOAB Unity Potluck - End of the Year Celebration

Annually, towards the end of the spring semester, the office hosts a potluck and awards program.

In this program, the office recognizes students for their excellence and achievement for academics, leadership, and service.

Awards are given out as a token of our appreciation for student's achievement.

Other Programs:

  • Heritage Month Celebrations
  • ESU Underground Open Mic
  • Honest Conversations
  • Warrior Mentoring Program
  • End of the Year Celebration
  • Multicultural Welcoming Reception