What makes the Center for Multicultural Affairs and Inclusive Education unique is its focus on inclusive education.

Students sitting and listening to a speakerThis focus is guided by the need for our students learning and unlearning experiences to be representative, culturally responsive, and engaging for all. This framework and focus guide all programs and initiatives provided by the center.

CMAIE provides a welcoming space that addresses and responds to the diverse population at ESU, through intentional outreach and educational programs and initiatives that are designed to include a wide range of diversity on campus that includes all marginalized communities.

Inclusive Education Initiatives

A few of our inclusive education initiatives include:

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Please contact the Center for Multicultural Affairs & Inclusive Education with any questions about our programs throughout the year.

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96 Normal Street
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Title of Department Leader
Director, Center for Multicultural Affairs & Inclusive Education
Lyesha Fleming
(570) 422-3896