Service-learning is an educational approach that combines learning objectives with community service in order to provide a pragmatic, progressive learning experience while meeting societal needs.

Service-learning involves students in service projects to apply classroom learning for local agencies that exist to effect positive change in the community.

Valuing Preserved Land

Course: Math 425, Introduction to Mathematical Modeling

Students developed an interactive Excel spreadsheet to estimate the environmental and social benefits of preserving land. Some benefits included were carbon sequestration, agriculture, water purification, etc. They included options for harvesting timber, growing crops, and using lakes/rivers for recreation.

Impact At A Glance

“Due to limitations on available information, we sometimes had to develop clever ways to manipulate data to obtain useful information. In this way, I not only practiced mathematical ideas, but I also practiced my ability to use them while problem-solving.” - Jamie Reese, Mathematics and Physics Double Major, Class of 2017


To Our Students

  • Familiarization to the process of researching unfamiliar topics and distilling information from different sources that used different approaches to valuing the resources
  • Students developed a model for estimating economic value of preserving the land
  • Provides students with a real world example of the value of mathematical thinking and computation

To Our School

  • Promotes ESU community awareness of benefits to undeveloped land

To Our Community

  • Provides Pocono Environmental Education Center (PEEC) with exposure to ESU
  • Promotes local awareness of benefits to undeveloped land

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