Women's History Month is a time to reflect upon the ways that women have contributed to our collective national and global history. Each year, multiple ESU departments, administrative offices, and student organizations collaborate to put on a program series to connect the national theme for Women's History Month to ESU.

We will begin planning Women's History Month 2020 in October, so if you are interested in being part of that planning or have any ideas, please reach out to Ariel Tucci coordinator of the women's and gender studies program) or Dr. Andrea McClanahan (professor of communication).

2020 Women's History Month Programs

  • Women's Wednesday Discussion
    • March 4th at 7-8 pm in the Gender & Sexuality Center
    • Discussion for students who identify as women to discuss slut- shaming
  • Feminist Film Friday
    • March 6th at 6pm in Stroud 113
    • a showing and discussion of Spring Breakers (2013) discussion will be facilitated by Ariel Tucci, Dr. Erica Dymond, and Prof. Jan Selving
  • Drop-In Plate Decorating
    • March 16- 24th in Gender & Sexuality Center
    • Make your plate to honor a woman of your choice for the 11th annual Judy Chicago inspired Dinner Party
  • Love Your Body Yoga
    • March 17th at 7pm in Lower Dansbury
    • Yoga session to celebrate our bodies by promoting positive self image
  • Women in STEM Panel
    • March 18th at 4-5 pm in Beers Lecture Hall
    • A panel discussion discussion different women's experiences in the STEM fields
  • Remembering Forgotten Women
    • March 19th at 5-7 pm in Stroud 113
    • an event highlighting women in history whose stories have been silenced
  • Feminist Alliance's Timeless Women Expo and Keynote speaker
    • March 23rd at 3-5 in Senate Chambers
    • an expo to showcase the accomplishments of female leaders in various fields. Featuring this month's keynote speaker, Toni Van Pelt, National President of NOW
  • 11th Annual Judy Chicago Inspired Dinner Party
    • March 25th at 6:30 pm in the Innovation Center
    • Mirroring Judy Chicago's Dinner Party to celebrate famous real or fictional women
  • Not Your Parent's Sex Talk
    • March 26th at 6pm in the Gender & Sexuality Center
    • a sex- positive discussion group for students by students

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If you need any help finding information about the Gender & Sexuality Center, are interested in the work that we do, or have ideas about collaborating on future program, please contact Ariel Tucci at atucci@esu.edu

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