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J-1 Visa - International Innovation Program (IIP)

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International Entrepreneurs can take advantage of the J-1 Innovation Visa program through the ESU Business Accelerator.

ESU is the only institution in Pennsylvania to offer a visa that allows visiting students, researchers and entrepreneurs to come to the United States for up to 5 years in the pursuit of developing a new business.

J-1 Innovation Visa holders receive Business Accelerator benefits. They also have the opportunity to help their business grow by being embedded in a United States market that is ready for culturally unique ideas.

  • Access to office space
  • Mentorship and advisers
  • Investment Opportunities
  • Private office space and wet-labs
  • Little initial investment liability

Applicants interested in the J-1 Visa can apply here or find information regarding the qualification requirements and pre-screening application form in the links section on the right.

For more about ESU’s Business Accelerator J-1 Visa program, call (570) 422-7920 or