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A Sound Strategy Inc Media Group (ASSi) leverages the power of its proprietary software platforms and provides its customers with time tested business solutions to enhance efficiency and increase their bottom line. Solutions include content management systems, document management, event logistics, project/process management and mobile application development.

Since Backbone Security's incorporation in 2000, organizations of all types and sizes have turned to Backbone Security to meet compliance requirements and manage information security risk.  Backbone Security provides organizations with cost-effective security and compliance services that are an outstanding value for any organization.

FD Software/Situational Awareness Systems, specializes in developing advanced information systems for the Defense, Homeland Security, and Medical domains. The company's mission is to create software that delivers the right information, in the right form, at the right time. The resulting solutions provide users with the situational awareness to make the best possible decisions for any contingency. In time critical, life and death situations, this ultimately translates into saving lives and protecting property while securing company data.

financial footprint, llc

financialfootprint offers personal finance education tailored for young adults via a one-on-one guidance service. We have gathered a team of experts (Personal Finance Guides who are Certified Personal Finance Counselors) who provide easy to understand assistance in everything from building a budget to comprehending stock terminology.

We have combined this personalized aspect with a website,, filled with creatively written educational content as well as a host of apps and tools to help manage one's personal finances. In other words, we raise the bar in what "personal" means when it comes to personal finance support and services.

  • David Kittredge, Co-Founder
  • David Ng, Co-Founder

LYME-AID was started in 2010 in collaboration with the Northeast Wildlife DNA Laboratory. LYME-AID kits are intended to provide individuals with a convenient means of properly removing ticks, and to offer them the option to have any ticks they discover on themselves or on pets tested for the presence of the bacteria that causes Lyme disease. LYME-AID kits are unique because they are associated with accurate molecular laboratory testing that directly identifies the DNA of the pathogen associated with Lyme disease infections.

  • Jane Huffman, Co-Founder
  • Melissa Shaw, Co-Founder
  • Contact: Nicole Chinnici
  • 570-422-7891

Right Reason Technologies provides web-based training and other solutions for business, education and healthcare clients.  Their focus is on workplace compliance and employee orientation programs.

Royal Web Designs (RWD) is a professional, full service web development company that produces custom high quality websites, complex web applications and content management systems for small to mid-sized businesses. Whether you are looking for a new website or for an existing website re-design, Royal Web Designs will stand by your side and help you at each step.

The Good Project serves as a trustworthy bridge between remote indigenous groups and the influences of increasing contact from outsiders. The Good Project collaborates with existing Non-governmental organizations (NGOs), social programs, and local government bodies, to provide social services such as humanitarian aid, health care assistance, and access to fair-trade initiatives.

YourWebsite2Go is a full service business center located in Northeastern Pennsylvania. Spearheaded by siteMaster®, their flagship technological platform, YourWebsite2Go's core encompasses web-based solutions, but the company also prides itself on being an industry leader in graphic design, print marketing, promotional products, branded apparel, direct mail marketing and so much more.