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American systems & installations

American systems & installations  designs , engineers, fabricates  and installs ceiling and wall panel systems using high tech design,  fabrication and advanced acoustical materials to  design panels for modern commercial and high end residential projects.

Awe Management leverages years of developing custom fabrication solutions for the high-end commercial institutions and residential custom interior markets to accomplish highly uniquely designed projects.  Specializing in using the latest computer aided design technologies coupled with applying advanced material technologies and efficient custom engineering/drafting for the custom wood-working industry.

eDentified is a powerful people search engine. Given a single piece of information about an individual - an email, username, handle, etc - eDentified's proprietary search algorithms can provide a full profile of that individual's Internet presence and Internet identities. The search system returns results including online aliases, user accounts, email accounts, social connections, comments and media posted over a wide variety of mediums, and other data.

Ethnic Beauty Store, LLC has launched Enchanted Life as the web’s first one-stop destination to learn, share and purchase health, beauty and personal care (HBC) within the multicultural community.  Enchanted Life solely focuses on servicing the multicultural community and our focus and quality of product and content is unrivaled!

Game Face Products, Inc. is the originator of men’s ‘athletic’ facial wipes! Focused on a single product offering, designed to help athletes cool down, swipe away dirt and grime while gently exfoliating to even out skin tone and leave skin feeling hydrated and smooth. In the years ahead, Game Face hopes to develop a comprehensive range of products tailored to a man’s needs and continue to contribute to the evolution of men’s grooming.

Heudia Health, LLC. recognizes that health care outcomes are highly dependent upon human capital and inter-organizational communication and collaboration. Heudia provides a culturally competent, cloud based solution that increases access to care and eliminates avoidable health care expense. Heudia Health is a joint endeavor with Carolina Heath System, the second largest health System in the United States.

Imperial 3D Solutions combines seventy years of advanced machining experience with state of the art additive manufacturing technologies for commercial, academic and military applications.

Marathon Studios, Inc. manages a network of web properties, apps and services used by millions of people around the world every month. Our properties include open-government website, accounting portal,  labor law portal, and more. We specialize in creating clean, modern applications designed to help make the Web a more useful place for our visitors. Marathon Studios also provides a range of development, design, cybersecurity, and consultation services for clients nationwide.

Reed Technology Solutions is a software and security engineering company based in Pennsylvania, USA. We create powerful, data-driven web applications with the goal of making information more accessible.

Solid Dynamics is a rapid prototyping service provider that utilizes the latest techniques in additive manufacturing to design and produce quality products for our customers. Our focus is to work side by side with clients to make their product ideas reality. To effectively function, we utilize our vast array of engineering knowledge, along with our deep understanding of three-dimensional printing and computer-aided design software to create and build products that meet the needs of our clients.

Solid Innovations, LLC express mission is to build products that make optimal use of our patented “TruScope” dimensioning algorithm, and our “SolidScore” scoring system.  This software can—without the aid of a touch probe or laser—accurately size and map any object, then score it for completeness to a model.  We utilize this ground breaking technology to innovate new monitoring and measurement products in a wide range of Additive Manufacturing applications including 3D printing, semiconductor manufacturing and all layer-by-layer manufacturing techniques.

Spring Fresh Indoor Air Quality Associates, (SFIAQA) will facilitate the public's ability to perform rudimentary air quality assessment and offer professional, cost effective remediation options. SFIAQA will develop an environmentally friendly anti-microbial encapsulate, which has the ability to inhibit mold growth even in conditions which favor the regeneration of dormant mold spores.

Startupstaging, Inc.

Startupstaging, Inc. will develop and offer seed capital for early stage web development solutions. Critical elements for a successful funding round will include a highly selective vetting process. Proper planning and control systems will be installed to provide timely execution of the project. After reaching the feasibility phase, each project will be evaluated for a potential exit strategy.

TickCheck, LLC, is an innovative technology startup that provides laboratory-grade, highly accurate tick testing services online at in collaboration with the Northeast Wildlife DNA Laboratory. TickCheck combats the exponential rise of tick-borne diseases, such as Lyme disease, by providing tick testing services to the both medical professionals and the general public. TickCheck won first place in the 2014 TecBridge Business Plan Competition, including $100,000 in startup capital and in-kind services.