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Theatre students develop skills highly sought after by employers such as:

  • Critical thinking
  • Problem–solving
  • Public presentation
  • Group communication and collaboration
  • Interpersonal communication
  • Leadership
  • Text analysis
  • Research
  • Professional ethics
  • A deeper understanding and sensitivity towards people
  • Situations and cultures outside their personal experiences
  • They also develop their vocal and physical expressiveness, self–awareness, and appreciation of art

Related Careers

Theatre Department alumni are working in arts and entertainment in the United States and internationally, have gone on to excellent graduate programs, and have transferred their skills to related fields.

Artistic Positions (Theatre and Film)Teaching Positions
Director Acting Teacher
Artistic Director Theatre Professor (all areas of theatre)
Actor Education Director
Voiceover Artist  
Literary Manger Administrative Positions
Dramaturg Producer
(Text & Research Expert) Executive Procudcer
Lighting Designer Executive Director
Sound Designer Production Manager
Multimedia Designer Casting Director
Scenic Designer Agent
Costume Designer Actor's Manager
Make-up Artist Company Manager
Charge Artist (Scenic Painter) Grant Writer
Properties Artist Fundraiser
Art Director (Film Only) Publicity Manager
Set Decorator Box Office Manager
Fight Director House Manager
Choreographer Company Manager
Dialect Coach Publicity Director
Vocal Coach Subcription Coordinator
  Marketing Manager
Technical Positions 
Technical Director  
Stage Manager  
Wardrobe Shop Manager  
Wardrobe Supervisor  
Lighting Shop Manager  
Wig Maker  
Pattern Maker  
Master Electrician  
Scenic Carpenter