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The Sociology major emphasizes developing in students the knowledge and skills necessary to think critically and imaginatively about social issues and to promote social betterment.

As students work towards their degree, they will find that sociology is much more than an academic discipline. In fact, sociology offers students an exciting new way of seeing the social world they live in. Students can expect sociology to enrich their personal life, as well as prepare their way for a deeply satisfying professional life.

Goals of the major include the acquisition of knowledge about human diversity, social inequality, and the pursuit of social justice.

The major and its programs prepare students for various professional roles in Human Services and Criminal Justice, and provide the educational background necessary for students to pursue graduate studies in criminology/criminal justice, law, social work, counseling, policy development, research, and other related disciplines.

Teaching Faculty

Marianne Cutler, Ph.D.
Chin Hu, Ph.D.
Ray Muller, Ph.D.
Timothy Radloff, Ph.D.
Hooshang Pazaki, Ph.D.
Van Reidhead, Ph.D.