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If you intend to teach in secondary education (grades 7-12), you need to be officially admitted into ESU's teacher education program. The formal process is called screening. To prepare, you will gather items in a portfolio, and schedule an appointment to interview with PSED faculty. The directions are below. You will not be officially admitted to teacher education until you pass screening. The process ensures that we are meeting Pennsylvania Department of Education teacher education requirements.

Undergraduates: After you have completed credits 45–60 credits of coursework you must screen to take upper-level courses.

Graduate - Post Baccalaureate: The timing of screening will vary depending on your goals. Please meet with your advisor to establish your timeline.

With requirements in mind, regularly consult with your PSED advisor.

Major Steps in the Process

  1. Advising: Meet with your PSED advisor to establish the optimal time to screen.
  2. Courses: Take the entry-level courses. Maintain a 3.0 QPA.
  3. Prepare to Screen: Meet with your advisor to make sure you understand the requirements. The documents below can be obtained in Stroud 209, PSED area. Thoroughly read the Screening Requirements and complete all requirements:
  4. Make an Appointment: Contact the PSED Secretary, Ms. Carolyn Cooper Chambliss to make a Screening Appointment. Screening takes place during October, April, and August. Times will be posted on the PSED bulletin board and in Warrior Notes. It is best to make the appointment three weeks in advance.
  5. Submit Portfolio: Bring your portfolio to Ms. Chambliss one week before your appointment. She will give your portfolio to the PSED faculty. 
  6. Your appointment: This is the time to show that you are ready to become a professional educator. You will be interviewed by PSED faculty.
  7. Status: If all requirements are met, your name will be submitted to ESU's Teacher Education Council who will determine if you have met requirements. If you have, you will be officially welcomed into teacher preparation and will receive a letter from The Dean of the College of Education. Retain the letter for your records.

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