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Admission Requirements

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Standards for admission are as follows:

Full Graduate Standing

  1. Bachelor's degree from an accredited college or university.
  2. Two completed Recommendation Forms from persons who have taught or supervised you. All recommendations must be sealed and bear the signature of the author.
  3. An overall undergraduate minimum grade point average of 3.0 (4.0 basis).
  4. A oneā€“page statement of professional goals.
  5. Resume.

Admission, with Conditions

Granted to an applicant who plans to work toward a graduate degree or certification program but does not meet the academic criteria for Admission (e.g., overall/major quality point average, graduate test scores, etc.) or who does not have all of the other requirements (e.g., prerequisite coursework, licenses, etc.) necessary for admission, pre-candidacy (full). Upon departmental recommendation of the stated conditions, the student may request a change of admission classification from Admission, with Conditions to Admission, Pre-Candidacy. The Graduate Dean will seek the recommendation of the graduate coordinator, and then make the decision for approval or disapproval.

Initial Teacher Certification Admission

Students entering a program for initial teacher certification are required to fulfill additional requirements for entry and matriculation in the teacher education program.

  1. After accepting the offer of admission, students must be formally admitted to the teacher education program after completing 9-12 graduate credits. Admission to the teacher education program requires completion of:
    1. a faculty interview with portfolio demonstration
    2. a minimum overall ESU QPA of 3.0, as identified by PA law
    3. an Act 34 criminal background check, FBI fingerprint clearance, and Act 151 child abuse clearance
    4. any other specific departmental requirements or prerequisites
    5. being recommended by departmental faculty and approved by the Teacher Education Council.

Students must be accepted to the Graduate School, which includes the review of all undergraduate course work.