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Proposed Schedule

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Year 1—Summer Term
PSED 701 Leadership Theories
PSED 710 Advanced Topics in Human Development and Learning

Year 1—Fall Term
PSED 725 Critical Analysis of Issues and Innovations In Education
PSED 720 Doctoral Seminar in Research Methods

Year 1—Spring Term
PSED 783 Analysis of Qualitative Data in Leadership Studies
PSED 660/760 School Finance

Year 2—Summer Term
PSED 702 Leadership: A Case Study Approach
PSED 730 Analysis of Effective Instruction

Year 2—Fall Term
PSED 782 Research Instrument Design for Leadership Studies
PSED 651/751 Conflict Resolution

Year 2—Spring Term
PSED 650/750 School and Community
PSED 658/758 School Law and Negotiations

Year 3—Summer Term
PSED 703 Leadership: Applied Practice
PSED 705 Curriculum Evaluation

Year 3—Fall Term
PSED 681/781 Special Topics in Education
PSED 798 Internship

Year 3—Spring Term
PSED Written and Oral Comprehensive Exams
PSED 798 Internship

Years 3-6
Completion of Dissertation