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Research Areas

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Opportunities exist for interested undergraduates to be involved with research along with ESU faculty.

Our faculty have experience in the following research areas:

  • Astronomy (Buckley)
  • Studies of Planetary Nebulae and Variable Star Photometry
  • Look here for the astro picture of the day.
  • Chaos (Larrabee)
  • Computational Physics
  • Electromagnetic compatibility (Larrabee)
  • Weather simulations (Cohen)
  • Electronics (Larrabee)
  • Electromagnetic compatibility
  • Engineering Physics (Larrabee)
  • Forensic Physics (Moore)
  • Visual acuity
  • Geology (Larrabee)
  • Lasers (Moore)
  • Laser scissors and tweezers and applications to areas in biotechnology
  • Meteorology (Cohen)
  • Computer simulations; Frontal structure of winter storms
  • Particle Physics (Elwood)
  • String theory, family symmetries, CP violation, spin physics, neutrino physics, supersymmetry, and cosmology
  • Science Education (Cohen)
  • Science standards and inquiry
  • Solar Energy (Stewart)
  • Solar trackers, PV materials, devices and storage

Contact the faculty member for more information. Even if you are interested in something other than that listed above, chances are you can find a faculty member who is also interested and is willing to look into that area with you.