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VPAPP Certificate

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This is to certify that East Stroudsburg University is a member of the Visual Paradigm Academic Partner Program (VPAPP).

The membership is effective from 2009-04-22 through 2010-04-22.

Visual Paradigm International Limited grants VPAPP members a full working version of Visual Paradigm for UML (VP-UML) Standard Edition, SDE Standard Edition for Eclipse/WebSphere® (SDE-EC), SDE Standard Edition for Netbeans/Sun™ ONE (SDE-NB) and free upgrades to the latest version during the membership period.

It is the VPAPP member's responsibility to renew this membership when license period is about to expire. The software is to be solely used for teaching purposes.

VPAPP members are permitted to distribute their license only to their tutors and students.

All Visual Paradigm Academic Partner Licenses are granted for academic, non-commercial purposes only.

Licensees under this arrangement must certify that they will use Visual Paradigm products exclusively for providing educational services, and do not intend to use them for the benefit of third parties.