Created in 2006, the Writing Studio has grown to become a hot-spot for writing on campus, offering over a thousand tutoring sessions a semester.

Located on the first floor of Kemp Library, the Writing Studio’s mission is to help students draft, revise, and complete their writing assignments in a comfortable, cozy environment. Students will improve their writing through every stage of the writing process with guided practice, helpful tips and motivation, workshops, one-to-one tutoring sessions, handouts, and resources.

Writing Studio logoThe Writing Studio will provide online tutoring for any writing project.

In the Writing Studio Lounge, students can work on group projects or meet to hold study sessions. Comfy couches and large table space make this the best place to go for quiet study time.

Students can seek help with brainstorming, understanding paper assignments, reviewing comments on graded work returned from faculty, or polishing any aspect of a paper from developing a focus to punctuation to citations. Students can select an appointment by visiting our tutoring platform. In addition to Writing Studio services, students can also sign up for content and math tutoring at the same site. For additional information about tutoring, please also visit the Warriors Tutoring Center.

We’re here to support you six days a week! Don’t forget that uploading a draft or a paper assignment ahead of time provides your tutor with more information about your questions or your project.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I just drop my paper off?
At the Writing Studio, we believe in teaching you a valuable writing skill that you can apply to future papers. If you just “drop it off,” we can’t help you get better at writing papers. You must work with a tutor in order for us to help you with your writing concerns.
How long is a session?
A typical session lasts anywhere from 30-40 minutes. Please allow enough time between your classes to get in a full session.
Do I need an appointment?
Yes, you do need to make an appointment to see a Writing Studio tutor. We usually have 3 to 4 tutors available at all times, so we can help you both in-person and virtually. During our busy weeks (Midterms and Finals), we usually see an increase in students, so you may have to make an appointment in advance.
I’m scared to read my paper out loud. Do I have to read it out loud?
At the Writing Studio, we do not force anyone to read their paper out loud. If you do not feel comfortable, simply ask your tutor to read it out loud for you. We highly encourage you to read your paper out loud because it helps you find minor typos or errors you might have overlooked.
What do I need to bring to a session?
For a session, we encourage every student to bring a current draft, an assignment sheet, sources or a textbook he/she might use for the paper, something to write with, and a positive attitude. If you forgot your assignment sheet, that’s okay. We like to have one, so the tutor knows exactly what your professor requires.
I don’t have a draft yet. Can you still help me?
Absolutely. There are numerous brainstorming techniques we can try to help you get something started. Remember to bring your assignment sheet because that will help us steer you in the right direction.
Do you only help with English papers?
If you wrote it, you can bring it to the Writing Studio. We help with any type of writing you may be doing for your courses.
I’m working on a group PowerPoint/Paper. Can we all come to the Studio?
Yes! Feel free to print out the PowerPoint slides or bring your paper on a USB. We have several computers and a printer that we can use during your session. We also have large workspaces that can accommodate the members of your group.
I need to create a resume for one of my classes. Can I bring that into the Studio, as well?
Yes. Any type of professional or academic writing can be brought into the Studio-no matter the type of work, paper or resume. We are happy to assist you in furthering your educational career through various outlets of writing.
My paper is due in 20 minutes. Can you look over it before my class?
Typical sessions last for 30-40 minutes. You will also need time to work on any suggestions or changes you wish to make. If you come early before your paper is due, you will be able to utilize all of the services the Writing Studio has to offer.
I have two different papers. Can I bring both of them at the same time?
We can not work on two papers at the same time. We will work on one at a time and allow you time in between to make any changes you wish. Chances are, the other paper will have similar areas for improvement, so after you learn a new skill or two, you can apply that to the second paper.

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