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Clinical Services

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Individual Counseling

The goal of individual therapy is to aid students in addressing personal and interpersonal difficulties and to promote student growth and development. All counseling is confidential and available to all eligible students. The number and frequency of sessions is tailored to meet the needs of the problem(s) presented.

Couples Counseling

The goal of couples counseling is to aid couples in relieving emotional discomfort that comes from conflict within thier relationship. All counseling is confidential and available to all eligible students.

Group Counseling

CAPS offers group counseling on an as needed basis. Groups meet weekly for one hour and typically address a particular issue or topic such as disordered eating, anxiety, transition to college, etc.

Consultation and Outreach

Consultation is offered to faculty, staff, peers, and parents to address concerns regarding behavior performance. CAPS also sponsors and presents a variety of educational and personal growth programs and workshops. Requests for presentations may be made by campus organizations, student groups, and faculty.

Academic and Career Assistance

CAPS maintains a small career library and offers assessment instruments to help match student interests, personalities, and abilities with a career path. CAPS can help students select a major, or define a career direction. The center also offers assistance with study skills, time management, and other academic success strategies.

Referral Service

CAPS faculty members endeavor to provide the best possible care and services to clients. At times, this care may mean a referral to other offices or individuals within the university, or to professionals in the community.