The primary focus of Student Conduct and Community Standards is to administer campus disciplinary procedures in support of the university's efforts to promote a safe and civil community. Student Conduct and Community Standards encourages equality, dignity and mutual respect among members of the campus and the adjacent communities.


To engage students in the recognition of responsibility and commitment to being a productive citizen of the communities in which they belong.


Through one to one meetings with students, Student Conduct and Community Standards staff members strive to work toward understanding the student and their behavioral choices. It is through meaningful conversations and discussions that assist to enable students to over come mistakes they have made and learn from the incident in which they were involved. Our developmental and holistic approach reaches students who may be at a crossroad in their behavioral choices. We strive to assist our students in educating them on ways to correct behaviors when the student violates the student code of conduct.

Student Conduct and Community Standards serves students, parents, faculty and staff as well as the university's community constituents to address student conduct issues by:

  • Assisting in the development, dissemination, interpretation and enforcement of University policies;
  • Ensuring that the student's right of due process is applied fairly, consistently and effectively;
  • Collaborating with University and community constituents to address student behavioral issues;
  • Providing leadership opportunities for students participating in the Student Conduct process;
  • Offering learning opportunities for student violators of University policies and regulations;
  • Initiating preventative educational activities that address conflict and potential violations of University policies.


If you have any questions concerning the student code of conduct or a student's behavior, please call us at (570) 422-3461 or email us at

FERPA prohibits the release of Student Conduct Records and related information, without the written consent of the student.

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Please contact Maria Cutsinger, Director of Student Conduct & Community Standards, with any questions.

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