Currently enrolled students may request accommodations at any time but it is recommended that accommodations are requested as soon as possible to allow sufficient time to provide the necessary accommodations in a timely manner.

Accommodations may be requested by completing the Accommodation Request Form and providing documentation.

Using my Accommodations

  • Testing Accommodations should be discussed with the professor prior to academic assessments (i.e. tests, quizzes and exams) to evaluate how accommodations will be facilitated and if utilizing the testing center is needed. Testing accommodations may include a reduced distraction environment, use of a calculator, computer use for essays, use of a reader or scribe, and extended time for assessments. Readers/Scribes may be requested using the online Reader/Scribe Request Form.
  • Readspeaker and TextAid Assistive technology are available for use with online D2L assessments.
  • Note-taking support services include recording lectures, professors’ notes, and use of Assistive technology Otter AI to provide transcripts of lectures. Students with note-taking support accommodations have a choice in which classes note-taking support services are to be utilized. After receiving the note-taker support accommodation to initiate the accommodation students can complete the online request for note taking support. This online form must be complete every semester. Please see link to form below.
  • Assistive and adaptive technology needs may be discussed and/or obtained with the Assistive Technology Coordinator. Assistive and adaptive technologies could include recording devices, utilization of various software, mobile apps and technology accessibility features.
  • Alternate format materials may be facilitated with the Assistive Technology Coordinator and may be requested through the Alternate Format Material Request Form.
  • Sign Language Interpreting and Captioning may be requested by completing the Interpreting and Captioning Request Form.

Contact Us

Please contact OASIS at (570) 422-3954 or with any questions.

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Coordinator, Accessible Services Individualized for Students
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