Note Taking Support Process

Students that are determined to be eligible by OASIS for Note Taking Support Services may be granted one of the following accommodations depending upon availability: a copy of the professor’s notes, recordings of lectures, note taking software license, assistive technology, use of a laptop, mobile devices, and recorders. Note Taking Support supplements the student’s personal notes and are not a substitution for classroom attendance, participation, or personal notes.

In order to assist us in determining the type of note taking support that will be needed, all students requesting note taking support must complete this form and return it to OASIS. Requests for the Note Taking Support accommodation will be processed ONLY after OASIS has received this completed form.

Processing this accommodation may take up to fourteen (14) business days from receipt of this completed form. When requests are submitted prior to the start of the upcoming semester, all efforts will be made to fulfill the request in a timely manner but no later than fourteen (14) business days from the start of the semester in which services are needed. When the Note Taking Support Services are determined, students will be notified via their ESU email.

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Please contact OASIS at (570) 422-3954 or with any questions.

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