Note-taking support services include recording lectures, professors’ notes, peer notes, use of laptop for note-taking and use of smart pens.

Students with note-taking support accommodations have a choice in which classes note-taking support services are to be utilized. After receiving the note-taker support accommodation to initiate the accommodation students can print out the Note-taker Support Request Form or secure a copy from the OASIS office. This form is to be completed by the student and professor every semester for each class that the accommodation will be needed; the form is to be returned to OASIS upon completion.

Students Receiving Notes

Once your request for a note taker has been submitted. OASIS will hire a note taker. You will receive an email to confirm that a note taker has been hired. Notes will be available within 48 hours. Notes are accessed through our accommodate system. These directions will help get you started logging into accommodate and accessing your notes.

Contact Us

Please contact OASIS at (570) 422-3954 or with any questions.

Contact Information

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(570) 422-3954
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Title of Department Leader
Coordinator, Accessible Services Individualized for Students
Jill Boyle