Bell, Amber. ATPases Structure and Folding: The Effect of Point Substitutions on ATPase Function.

Ellis, Justine. Histological Correlates of Myocardial Infarction and Associated Heart Pathologies.

Friedberg, Nicole. The Geriatric Emergency Department Guidelines: A Comprehensive Literature Review Before and After Implementation.

Jadus, Amber. Socio-Communicative Style in Sport: A Contemplative Analysis of Personality and How It Is Communicated through Female Sports Teams.

Januszkiewicz, Eric. Optimization of a Multiplex PCR Analysis for Crotalus horridus.

Jasulevicz, Rebecca. Determining Salamander Species in Hartman Cave Using Fossil Vertebrae.

Kramer, Kathleen. Miller’s Death of a Salesman as a Tragedy.

LaBar, Destany. The Relationship between Female Students’ Perception of Calculus I Professors as Role Models and Test Performance.

Ortiz, Gianeli. Functional Anatomy of the Manus in Rodents.

Powers, Christopher. Testing for GMO Products in “Organic” Labeled Vegetables Purchased from Local Food Stores in the Stroudsburg Area of Pennsylvania.

Searfoss, Jennifer. Gender Differences in Play.

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