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Institutional Assessment Reports

On this page you will find descriptions, reports, and analysis for university-wide assessments. If you have any questions, or if you would like more information about ESU’s results, please contact the Office of Institutional Effectiveness, Planning, and Assessment.

General Education Assessment Report

National Survey of Student Engagement

The National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE) is an online survey administered to freshmen and seniors by Indiana University at Bloomington. It asks students questions related to five benchmarks of engagement: Academic Challenge, Learning with Peers, Experiences with Faculty, Campus Environment, and High-Impact Practices. PASSHE requires participation in NSSE every two years. Participating in the survey helps to shape important decisions relating to improving the student experience at ESU.

2008-2015 Freshmen/Senior Means 2008-2015 Freshmen/Senior Frequencies
Spring 2015 Institutional Summary Report Spring 2014 Institutional Frequencies
Spring 2013 Institutional Summary Report Spring 2011 Institutional Summary Report
Spring 2008 Institutional Summary Report  

Graduating Senior Survey

The online Graduating Senior Survey is launched in the latter half of each fall and spring semester in conjunction with the university book store’s Grad Fest, where students pick up or order all graduation-related paraphernalia. Afterward, OIEPA sends group emails to all seniors who applied to graduate.

2009-2015 Institutional Data Brief
2014-2015 AY Data Brief Why Do Students Choose ESU?
2013-2014 AY Data Brief 2012-2013 AY Data Brief

ETS Proficiency Profile

The ETS Proficiency Profile is a standardized test composed of 36 multiple choice questions assessing students’ general education skills in reading, writing, critical thinking, and mathematics. Divided into three broad knowledge areas (humanities, social sciences, and natural sciences), ESU has been administering the abbreviated exam as a means to assess a portion of the institution’s General Education program since 2009. A requirement of the Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education to determine part of the institution’s performance funding criteria, the assessment also provides comparative data between ESU and similar institutions. Through a Learning Gains Report, the exam also fulfills the state-mandated Voluntary System of Accountability requirement to measure general education outcomes (in critical thinking and writing) and to provide key accountability information to the public. Most importantly, it helps ESU improve student learning by providing faculty and the administration with information about freshmen and senior general education skills that can inform program and curricular modifications, learning design, and improvements to assessments.

2014-2015 AY EPP Data Brief 2014-2015 AY Learning Gains Report
2014-2015 Freshman Entrance Survey 2013-2014 AY Learning Gains Report
2013-2014 AY EPP Data Brief Explanation of Proficiency Classifications (from ETS)

Other University-Wide Assessments

These assessments are not conducted regularly by the Office of Institutional Effectiveness, Planning, and Assessment. For information or data regarding any of the below exams or surveys, please contact Leslie Raser, Assessment Specialist, at

  • Alumni Surveys
  • Information Literacy Test
  • Student Satisfaction Inventory