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The central mission of the Office of Institutional Effectiveness, Planning, and Assessment is to lead and facilitate a culture of continuous improvement through student learning outcomes assessment and through the support of the program/institutional accreditation functions of the University.

OIEPA functions as an active partner in fostering engaged and proactive assessment across East Stroudsburg University to ensure student success and institutional effectiveness by providing ongoing analysis and research on ESU’s undergraduate and graduate curriculum, departments, and programs; managing assessment initiatives; acting as a clearinghouse and archive for assessment data; and serving as a resource for departments and faculty for student learning outcomes assessment.

Core Areas of Investigation

  • Institutional assessment of student learning outcomes
  • General Education program assessment of student learning
  • Program and departmental level assessment
  • Program review and specialized program accreditation support
  • Institutional accreditation support


  • Manage and coordinate university-wide assessment initiatives in a way that meets the needs of multiple stakeholders
  • Provide quality program assessment support, resources, and expertise to the ESU community, including both academic programs and student support services
  • Conduct assessment research that informs decision making and addresses strategic issues
  • Provide quality professional development opportunities to assist faculty in conducting effective and meaningful assessment activities
  • Support the actions and initiatives of the University Assessment Committee
  • Coordinate and/or support all regional and specialized accreditation reporting
  • Align all institutional- and program-level student learning outcomes and initiatives to ESU’s Strategic Plan

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