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Faculty Support

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Welcome to the faculty support site. Here you can learn how to access an ever-growing collection of help and support resources for a variety of commonly used technologies at ESU.

Getting Started

With a variety of technologies available, it can be difficult to know where to start. One good option is to view the D2L Faculty Support Widget (you must be signed into D2L to access this page) on the D2L homepage as seen in the image below. Faculty Support contains the full Support Resource Library with guides, videos, and walk-throughs for nearly all D2L features, as well as contact information for ESU's Academic Computing Help Desk and D2L's Support Center.

If you haven't yet logged into D2L, you may do so at the D2L homepage. If you’re having difficulty logging in, you will need to activate or reset your ESU password. This will reset the password for your email as well. You will need to have your employee ID number to complete this process. If you’re unsure of your employee ID number, you may need to contact Human Resources at (570) 422-3422.

D2L Faculty Support Widget

Supporting Students

Students often have technology-related questions that they may bring to you. To help serve them better, ensure they know what support resources are available for them to quickly and easily help themselves. Most of the available resources are described on the Student Support site, so you may want to add a link to that to your syllabus or in your D2L course.