There may come a time during your tenure here at ESU that you find yourself facing a financial hardship. Perhaps something happened at home and you need to get there quickly or you are in an unsafe living situation that you need help getting away from. Maybe your hours got cut at your on- or off-campus job and you’re finding it hard to get groceries or other personal care items or you are having difficulty affording required books or class materials.

Whatever your circumstances are, ESU might be able to provide some assistance. The Dean of Student Life serves as the point of contact for students who have experienced an emergency or financial crisis that affects their ability to be successful here at ESU. Funds are meant to be awarded on a case-by-case basis to students who are experiencing an unforeseen, temporary financial crisis due to accidents, illness, death of a family member, fire, and other unplanned circumstances.

There will be no expectation of repayment. Your application must list a specific expense(s) (e.g., food, rent, etc.) for which the emergency funds are being requested, including a per item amount. Please provide as much detail as possible to aid the Dean of Student Life in reviewing your application to connect you to the proper resources.


  1. You must be a currently enrolled ESU student.
  2. You must provide evidence to support your financial emergency or hardship request.
  3. All other possible funding sources have already been explored, including financial aid.
  4. Funding may be limited to once per year per student.

Are you in need of assistance? If so, please complete the Hardship Assistance Request Form below and call (570) 422-2845 to schedule a time to speak with Bailey Higgins.

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Please contact Campus Life and Inclusive Excellence at (570) 422-3463 with any questions.

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