These are examples but not limited to:

Academic Indicators

  • Repeated absences from class, section, or lab
  • Missed assignments, exams, or appointments
  • Deterioration in quality or quantity of work
  • Extreme disorganization or erratic performance
  • Written or artistic expression of unusual violence, morbidity, social isolation, despair, or confusion; essays or papers that focus on suicide or death
  • Overblown or disproportionate response to grades or other evaluations

Behavioral and Emotional Indicators

  • A person discusses bringing a gun or other weapon to campus*
  • Online posting of a threat or a threatening e-mail*
  • Direct statements indicating distress, family problems, or loss
  • Angry or hostile outbursts, yelling, or aggressive comments
  • More withdrawn or more animated than usual
  • Expressions of hopelessness or worthlessness; crying or tearfulness
  • Expressions of severe anxiety or irritability
  • Patterns of violence as a way to solve a problem
  • Someone talks about feeling “wronged” and wants to get revenge
  • Shakiness, tremors, fidgeting, or pacing

Physical Indicators

  • Deterioration in physical appearance or personal hygiene
  • Excessive fatigue, exhaustion; falling asleep in class repeatedly
  • Visible changes in weight; statements about change in appetite or sleep
  • Noticeable cuts, bruises, or burns
  • Frequent or chronic illness
  • Disorganized speech, rapid or slurred speech, confusion
  • Unusual inability to make eye contact
  • Coming to class bleary-eyed or smelling of alcohol

Other Factors

  • Concern about a student by his/her peers or teaching assistant
  • A sense or gut-feeling which you feel something is wrong

*Emergency. Need to contact 911 or campus police immediately at (570) 422-3064.*

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