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Getting Involved

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For students interested in getting involved in the Theatre Department's productions, there are many opportunities for you to choose from.


The first audition of the new season (2015-16) will be announced in late August!


Performance opportunities are open to all ESU students. Performance roles are gained by audition and audition notices are posted each semester on this page and the bulletin board in the Fine Arts building lobby. Students may audition beginning in their freshman year for roles in Theatre Department mainstage productions and Stage II one act plays.

A number of classes also provide performance opportunities through showcases and recitals with no auditions required: Stage and Comic Technique, Children’s Theatre, Directing, Advanced Acting (class entry by audition), Collaborative Theatre Workshop, Senior Seminar.

Theatre productions encompass a range of genres:

Design & Tech

Technical theatre roles are available to any interested students. Design and technical leadership development opportunities are assigned to those ready for the specific challenges of the positions.

All students have training in all aspects of theatre, but as they discover their unique abilities and talents, the students will work closely with faculty advisors to tailor their experiences to suit their emerging specialties. After appropriate preparation through classes and entry-level experiences, students are invited to take on leadership positions in ESU theatre productions that bolster their resumes and lead directly to internships, employment and graduate school opportunities.

Supervisory positions might include:

  • Sound designer
  • Costume designer
  • Scenic designer
  • Stage manager
  • Assistant director
  • Technical director
  • Master carpenter
  • Master electrician
  • Props master
  • Lighting designer
  • Running crew chief
  • Assistant designer
  • House manager
  • Box office manager

Students have the opportunity to learn to program computer lighting boards and sound systems, draft designs, build costumes and scenery, and read and hang light plots.

Run the Show!

For many running crew positions, you do not need any backstage experience, we will train you!

Running crew positions include:

  • Light Board Operator
  • Sound Board Operator
  • Back stage crew
  • Assistant Stage Manager
  • Wardrobe

All crew participate in the following:

  • Set-up the stage before the performance
  • Resetting the stage after the performance
  • Wweeping and mopping the stage
  • Assisting with light or sound check.