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Laura Waters, PhD, RN (
Associate Professor of Nursing, Department Chair
B.S.N., 1983, Misericordia University
M.S., 1996, Wilkes University
Ph.D., 2009, Widener University

Research: Research interest focuses on nursing professionalism and anger management.


Mary Tod Gray, PhD, RN (
Professor of Nursing
B.S.N., 1965, University of Michigan
M.A., 1969, New York University
Ph.D., 2003, New York University

Research: Research interests include consciousness and its variations, critical thinking, nursing philosophy, phenomenology, and addiction. Clinical interests include interpersonal relationships and communication with individuals experiencing addiction, psychoses and dementia.

Laurel Pierangeli, PhD, RN (
Associate Professor of Nursing
R.N., 1974, University of Pennsylvania
B.S., 1981, Marywood University
M.S., 1987, SUNY at Binghamton
Ph.D., 2006, SUNY at Binghamton

Research: Doctoral research involved evaluating the effects of a sexual abstinence program in middle school-aged children from rural and urban areas. Her additional research interest is with "student perceptions of caring for severely disabled children." Additional research involves attitudes towards poverty- pre and post poverty simulation, children with disabilities, and student nurse perceptions of a hospice experience.


Suzanne Fischer Prestoy, PhD, RN-BC (
Associate Professor of Nursing
B.S., 1978, Wilkes University
M.S.N., 1980, University of Pennsylvania
Ph.D., 1993, New York University

Research: Current research interests are focused on health care access and the education of a qualified and adequate nursing work force. She is interested in examining how the number of nurses educated at the baccalaureate and graduate level impacts the population's ability to access health care at the primary and tertiary level.

Claranne Mathiesen, MSN. RN (
Assistant Professor of Nursing
B.S., 1985, East Stroudsburg University
M.S., 1993, Villanova University

Research: Research involves aspects of stroke care and stroke community education.


Monica Manchester, RN (
Instructor of Nursing
B.S., 2009, East Stroudsburg University
M.S.N., 2013, Drexel University

Andrea Shook, RN (
Instructor of Nursing
B.S.N., 1989, Cedar Crest College
M.S.N., 2007, Misericordia University