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College of Business & Management
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In today’s dynamic and highly competitive landscape, students face increasing pressure to gain a wide range of skills and experiences prior to graduation. There is considerable evidence that employers seek attributes such as leadership, the ability to communicate with and work across teams, and sound quantitative and computing skills.

While there is no single approach to position students for success, at the College of Business and Management (COBM), our students undergo a challenging and contemporary curriculum that prepares them for real-world business decisions.

At the COBM, the opportunity to integrate theory and practice through meaningful work experience is a distinctive feature of our program, which allows our students to learn necessary practical and analytical skills to deal with a wide range of challenges encountered in their professional careers. The program is designed to allow access to numerous extracurricular and internship opportunities at well-known companies and agencies. In addition, students have excellent opportunity to broaden their horizons through international exchange and study-abroad programs in various countries.

We are very proud of our graduates. They have found successful and lucrative careers across a wide range of industries, including manufacturing, technology, financial services, risk management, health care, hotel management, tourism, and sports management.

Our students are our top-most priority. And our mission is to provide opportunities to you for life-long learning and prepare you to be the leaders who would contribute to the educational, cultural, and economic life of the region and beyond. Our expert faculty and staff have a single-minded dedication to this mission. I look forward to having you on board for the great cause.

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College of Business and Management

Sylvester E. Williams, IV, JD, MBA, CCLE

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What our students say:

  • Nicole Morgan

    Attending the Hotel, Restaurant, and Tourism Management Program at ESU opened the door to a successful career for me. After completing my internship and graduating, I was able to work my way up to a General Manager position at a Marriott property within 5 years. The faculty, course offerings, and internship program at ESU helped to prepare me for success in the workforce.” Nicole Morgan

  • Tiffany Tookmanian

    East Stroudsburg's program has been truly a blessing for me. I am currently working full time at Passaic County Technical Institute! Tiffany Tookmanian

  • Kelsy Banin

    I'm writing this email to share some very exciting news with you. I WAS OFFERED A JOB! I'm officially a working professional in Boston!  I can't thank you both enough for all of your help throughout my career at ESU! Kelsy Banin