ESU has partnered with Crayola in the development of a Crayola Executive Lecture Series

This lecture series offers students an opportunity to learn more about the career options, business challenges, life experiences and educational opportunities of its guests.

Spring 2024 speakers will include:

Spring 2024 speakers will include:

The Crayola Executive Lecture Series is free and open to members of the public.

Meet Jeff, an individual fueled by an unwavering passion for exceptional coffee, ethical chocolate, transformative travel, and empowered communities. Jeff's journey began in 2007 with the co-founding of health and education initiatives in Cameroon, Africa, sparking a deep commitment to sustainable humanitarian projects.

Jeff AbellaRooted in social entrepreneurship, Jeff expanded his impact across West Africa, North India, and Central Mexico. In 2015, he co-founded a cacao and coffee outreach project in Cameroon, which evolved into Moka Origins, a distinguished craft chocolate and coffee roasting enterprise based in Pennsylvania.

Currently serving as the Managing Director of the Himalayan Institute Cameroon and the CEO of Moka Origins, Jeff's roles are characterized by a profound emphasis on fostering reciprocity and driving social impact at the source. His expertise extends to board memberships, including the FedEx Entrepreneur Advisory Board, and he holds the position of Communication Chairperson for the Fine Chocolate Industry Association.

Jeff's boundless enthusiasm for engaging with diverse audiences extends to the upcoming Crayola Series on March 20th at Beers Hall, from 2:00 pm to 3:00 pm. As part of this series, he will share insights on social entrepreneurship, small business strategies, and the transformative power of business to create positive change on a global scale. Jeff's impactful addresses have resonated with audiences at esteemed institutions such as Facebook, Yale, United Against Human Trafficking, Camp IHC, Malvern Prep, Penn State University, and Howard University.

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The Crayola Executive Lecture Series is a program of the ESU's College of Business and Management residential college. Through the residential college, students become an integral member of their community through their interactions with their peers, taking courses together, studying in groups, working in teams, and bridging the classroom experience by taking the learning to conversations over dinner with faculty and attending presentations by guest speakers, participating in community service, engaging in professional development workshops, and utilizing campus resources that are made available to their Residential College.

For more information about the COBM residential college, contact Dr. Sylvester Williams, dean of the College of Business and Management.

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For more information about the Residential College Executive Lecture Series, please contact Dr. Sylvester Williams, Dean at (570) 422-3589.

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