The Department of Academic Enrichment and Learning (DAEL) is located in Rosenkrans East (pictured above), is a collection of services and programs designed to help students reach their academic goals and potential.


To provide the diverse student population of ESU with support, opportunities and academic programs to enhance engagement; to support transition to the university; to encourage life-long learning; and to foster academic achievement and degree completion.

DAEL offers a variety of services including: Academic Advising, STAR program, Early Start Program, Tutorial Services, Academic Coaching, and other specific retention / student assistance programs.

Students are invited to drop by the department to study, or sign up for tutoring, or to inquire about any DAEL program.

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Contact Us

Welcome to DAEL! Students are invited to drop by DAEL when in need of academic coaching and/or tutoring assistance. DAEL also offers ESU students study space and computer labs. DAEL provides Exploratory Studies students academic advising during registration. Please use Wfish to schedule an appointment with an advisor or coach!

Contact Information

Campus Address
Rosenkrans East
(570) 422-6700
(570) 422-3898 (Fax)
Title of Department Leader
Professor/Chair Academic Enrichment & Learning
Dr. J. Truschel
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