Prepare for the Majors and Minors Fair

Get the most from the event.

The Majors & Minors Fair is a good place to start if you are undecided about a major, unsure about the major you are in, or if you are looking to add a second major or minor.

The fair provides the opportunity to discover majors you haven't considered before and to compare and contrast several majors.

  • Pre-Fair Thoughts

    Deciding on a major is a big step for every college student. It is important to know yourself as you explore the possibilities that are available. Be sure to consider your interests, abilities, experiences, and values and how they relate to college majors and potential careers.

    • Create a list of interests and career opportunities
    • Learn more about yourself and your possible academic and career interests
    • Complete the Major Party or ElimaMAJOR
    • Look through the list of all ESU fields of study
    • Meet and speak to the department representatives at the fair.
  • At the Fair
    • At the door you will be given a list of which colleges, departments, majors and minors available during the fair
    • Have conversations with department representatives.
    • Ask questions!
    • What can I do with a major in ________
    • How much is an average salary?
    • What kinds of jobs have recent graduates gotten?
    • What courses are required for the major?
    • What is the minimum GPA required for the major?
    • What are the different career paths I can pursue with this major?
    • Will a bachelor’s degree prepare me for a career in this major or will I need to pursue graduate work?
    • What specific academic skills are needed to succeed in this major?
  • Other Suggested Questions to Ask

    Are there any specializations or areas of emphasis within your degrees?

    • Can I add a minor easily?
    • Are there any requirements to declare this major?
    • Does this major participate in Undergraduate Research, Study Abroad, or Service Learning?
    • What kinds of internships are available?
  • Follow-up after the Fair
    • Continue to learn more about the majors by making an appointment to talk to the department chair.
    • Speak to your academic advisor and discuss your thoughts and ideas about the major.
    • Speak to your FYE professor about assignments associated with the M & M event.

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