Academic Coaching Agreement

As a participant in the ESU ACHIEVE PROGRAM I will attend all scheduled appointments, follow through on recommendations assigned by my Academic Success Coach. If I do not adhere to the guidelines of the ACHIEVE Program, I can be eliminated from the program. As I agree to these terms of participation, I am committing myself to be both accountable and successful academically. I am ready to make necessary changes, and open to having an honest and communicative relationship with my Academic Success Coach

Achieve Week Program Expectations

  1. I will attend Achieve week
  2. I will meet with my Academic Success Coach
  3. I will sign into D2L
  4. I will keep scheduled appointments
  5. I will agree to seek tutoring in at least one of my classes


Communications between a student and DAEL will remain confidential. If you need to have the information from the sessions released to any specific person(s) or department(s), a FERPA form must be on file.

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The Department of Academic Enrichment and Learning (DAEL) provides the diverse student population of ESU with support, opportunities and academic programs to enhance engagement; to support transition to the university; to encourage life-long learning; and to foster academic achievement and degree completion.

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