More than 400 students come to ESU each year with the skills and abilities to succeed but without a clear idea of what they would like to study or what major to choose. If you are one of these students, the Exploratory Studies Program is the program for you!

  • Declare "exploratory" as your major until you’ve had the opportunity to investigate all of ESU’s program offerings and determine a major that best suits your talents and interests.
  • Take time to learn about necessary courses for all ESU majors by taking an online self-discovery inventories, and working with department expertise.
  • Work 1:1 with faculty advisers and an academic success coach to determine the best major for your values skills and interests.
  • Complete your General Education requirements for graduation while exploring majors!
  • Understand degree requirements for majors and minors of interest.

Academic advisers and academic success coaches for Exploratory Studies students apply knowledge of teaching, advising, learning, and human development to encourage educational experiences that lead to intellectual and personal growth.

Contact Us

Welcome to DAEL! Students are invited to drop by DAEL when in need of academic coaching and/or tutoring assistance. DAEL also offers ESU students study space and computer labs. DAEL provides Exploratory Studies students academic advising during registration. Please use Wfish to schedule an appointment with an adviser or coach!

Contact Information

Campus Address
Rosenkrans East
(570) 422-6700
(570) 422-3898 (Fax)
Title of Department Leader
Professor/Chair Academic Enrichment & Learning
Dr. J. Truschel