Academic Advising & Coaching is not just about course selection. Coaches work in partnership with students to help them improve their academic performance. There are many factors that play a part in the advising & coaching conversation including student’s goals, challenges, interests and strengths so that students can develop a thoughtful and intentional academic plan.

Coaches Help Students of All Success Levels

  • Become self-regulated learners;
  • Understand and use effective, individualized learning strategies;
  • Identify and overcome obstacles that may be impeding academic success;
  • Focus on goals and identify steps to reaching those goals;
  • Refer students, as needed, to other academic services on campus. 

Students also benefit from discussing academic major options and coordinating career goals with educational opportunities. Another part of the advising conversation involves the

College Advisers

All incoming students are assigned a college advisor — a faculty or staff member whose role is to:

  • Advise you broadly about your academic pathways
  • Help you choose courses
  • Provide guidance on curricular issues and opportunities
  • Connect you with other members of your advising network
  • Serve as resource for helping you make the best use of all that ESU has to offer.

You will meet your advisor every semester before registration but you should reach out whenever you have questions. You will work with your Exploratory Studies advisor until you declare your major. At that time, you will be assigned an advisor in your major, though you can maintain your connection with your Exploratory Studies advisor as well.

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The Department of Academic Enrichment and Learning (DAEL) provides the diverse student population of ESU with support, opportunities and academic programs to enhance engagement; to support transition to the university; to encourage life-long learning; and to foster academic achievement and degree completion.

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