The Academic Success Conference is designed to assist students to take charge of their academic success at East Stroudsburg University. Students who attend will learn new academic success strategies; connect with faculty, staff and other students; learn more about how financial aid works; gain insight from professors on how to pass challenging classes; and receive advice from students who took charge of their academic success.

Students who attend have an opportunity to meet with an academic success adviser to adjust their schedules before classes start.

During the academic year, students also are required to meet with their assigned academic success adviser several times to develop an individualized success plan, to receive academic coaching, and to develop achievable solutions to their academic situation.

Contact Us

Welcome to DAEL! Students are invited to drop by DAEL when in need of academic coaching and/or tutoring assistance. DAEL also offers ESU students study space and computer labs. DAEL provides Exploratory Studies students academic advising during registration. Please use Wfish to schedule an appointment with an adviser or coach!

Contact Information

Campus Address
Rosenkrans East
(570) 422-6700
(570) 422-3898 (Fax)
Title of Department Leader
Assistant Professor/Department Chair
Kelly L. McKenzie
(570) 422-3741