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The mission of the ESU Student Threat Assessment Response Team (START) is to protect the health, safety, and welfare of ESU students and the other members of the campus community.

START is a multidisciplinary team designed to assess information and develop recommendations in response to student behaviors that may be in violation of ESU policies, threaten harm to person(s) or property, are disruptive to the Living/learning environment, or otherwise jeopardize students’ likelihood of success.


The ESU Threat Assessment and Response Team aims to coordinate campus and community resources to address inappropriate, disruptive, or harmful student behavior.

Recommendations are designed to aid in the mitigation of threatening situations and to assist students in attaining success.

In addition, the team assists faculty and staff in addressing instances of student behavior that may be harmful or disruptive to ESU or the learning community.

Examples of such instances may include but are not limited to:

  • Behaviors that have been addressed with the student but continue to concern the community.
  • A pattern of disruptive behaviors affecting a number of areas or departments on campus and behaviors that may evoke a significant degree of alarm or concern among involved persons.

While some situations may result in direct referral to Counseling and Psychological Services center, University Health Services center, or Student Conduct & Community Standards office, START may be used in situations where a collaborative response would be most effective for the student and the ESU community.

START is not intended to supplant the excellent efforts/interactions of academic advisors, faculty mentors, or other individuals/offices that assist students in many important ways.

Rather, START can serve to support and integrate those efforts and can serve as a resource to those individuals/offices when additional assistance is needed or desired.