Leadserve is an online platform for the ESU community to benefit from training in leadership by on campus SAA, Student Affairs, and Research & Economic Development staff.

This service is available to students, clubs, Greek life, club sports, and professors.

You can search through the topics and book a speaker to present at your next meeting or class.

Personal Leadership: Presentations which include personality tests, career development, and identity formation.

Organizational Leadership: Presentations which include management practices and theories for organizational leadership.

Diversity & Inclusion: Presentations which include cultural competencies, gender and sexuality, and global citizenship.

Project Management:Presentations which include training on program management, marketing, and partnership development.

Team Dynamics: Presentations which include team development, conflict resolution, and increasing productivity.

Ethics & Decision Making: Presentations which include ethical models, ethical leadership, and decision-making.

Fitness & Wellbeing: Presentations which include education on alcohol, tobacco and other drugs; sexual health, and overall fitness.

Finances & Budgeting: Presentations which include training on budget development, fundraising, and fiscal responsibility.

Volunteerism & Service: Presentations which include education on involvement, global needs, and service principles.

Etiquette DinnerPresenters and supplies are free and will be available at the time of your presentation.

Once you make a request, you will be contacted by a representative to talk to you about your goals and select the training that best fits your needs.

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For more information and a full calendar of upcoming events, please visit WarriorLink at warriorlink.esu.edu.

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