Credit Transfer for Non-ESU courses taken abroad

  • It is the student's responsibility to secure the transferability of credits back to ESU.
  • Credits transferred are processed by Enrollment Services with transferred credits being assigned a Pass or Fail grade.
  • It is the student's responsibility to negotiate before studying abroad that all credits will transfer back as equivalent ESU courses.
    • This procedure is facilitated by the Credit Transfer Form (found in the Study Abroad Packet) which requires approval from the academic departments and the academic adviser.
    • Senior students interested in studying abroad must get a waiver of requirement to take the last 30 credits at ESU from the Dean.

Courses approved and passed at the foreign university will not affect the students' Grade Point Average at ESU.

Courses Taught by ESU Faculty Abroad

  • A course taught by an ESU faculty in another country are considered ESU course and do not require transferring of credits.
  • In such case, both credits and grades will be posted on the student's records upon the completion of the course.


  • It is the student's responsibility to request at the host university to send an official transcript to the ESU Office of International Programs for processing the credit transfer.

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